Sunday, March 15, 2009

Poor County Votes Repiblican

An old friend from high school recently made a comment that I couldn't let go of...She spoke about being part of a VERY poor community that kept voting Republican. She just couldn't understand why these people kept voting against their own economic well being. I too live where things are tremendously depressed. According to the 2000 census, 44% of my county's population made less than $25,000 a year. and 62% made less than $35,000. The median wage was just $27,000. I would venture that the median is actually a little deceiving, because there are a few of us that travel for work. By travel, I mean make a minimum of an hour commute every day because we are fortunate enough to have jobs that pay us enough to do so.

I have a theory about why we vote Republican when it wouldn't seem natural to do so. We don't want a hand out. We also know that as long as Kalifornia and USSNY exist, we will never get a proportionate share of our pay in to the Feds. Big cities equal big payouts from the Federal government, and we understand that the Republicans are our only hope (as little as there is) for keeping taxes low.

Our government was established upon a "United States". In other words, each state was its own country. The Constitution was to be a treaty amongst the states in order to provide a common defense and a set of ground rules for us all to get along. This document was ratified with a bill of rights in order to establish a "Union". If we take this as a truth, there are some things that have been corrupted within our current government.

First, federal representatives have far too much status. State members of the house should have far more power than a than a US Senator. Being a state Senator or Governor would be of a status next to the President himself.... Think about that one...

Federal congresspeople today believe it is their duty to "bring it home" to their state. They should actually be fighting to keep it from leaving their state in the first place. FDR saw to it that we never again would be able to fight for that. I just spoke heresy to my liberal readers, but sometimes the truth hurts.

What about projects for the "greater good"? Omnipotent health care, education, someone mentioned US highways. The real question is what about the Individual and the Constitution? I would LOVE to have someone take care of all my social needs. How Awesome? Well, I am not prepared to live in accordance with their belief system in order to have their programs. If I want to have a cigar and a glass of wine after a big steak dinner, I don't want a vegan telling me I can't because it will affect their health care. No cheeseburgers, I don't think so! You have to give up chocolate, because I don't think its good. Before long, we are all living on tofu and water, and running three miles a week. that may be a little far fetched, but really, where does one persons right to pursue happiness end for the greater good? Who decides? If we say society decides, the line will move every election cycle. You can smoke for the next two years. Then you have to stop and eat only fish for protein for two years. Again, far flung, but where is the line?

I say leave it ALL to the states. If you want universal health care, move to Massachusetts. Gay marriage, got to Connecticut. Good schools, the Midwest makes sense. Reverse the state versus fed income tax, and let the states decide. We can take care of defense, highways, and trade alone for far less than is paid now. The folks in a particular state want to forgo taxes at the cost of their schools or highways, it's all good. They will suffer the consequences by having industry leave and their tax base dry up. It really is that easy.

The majority of folks in low population, low income areas don't want a hand out. They want the Federal government out. They are used to operating without a net, and are happy to do so. Far and away more square miles of this country vote conservative than liberal. By four to one. Check it out here:

We rednecks simply don't like to be told what to do or how to do it. We also know control of our liberties is exactly what the leftists want. The county by county map may not have any bearing on the election outcome, but it does shed light on why small town folks vote the way they do.

Even if your political views are different than mine, PLEASE check ://

Until next time, don't let the financial news get you down. Keep your head high, your powder dry and your eyes open.

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