Monday, March 2, 2009

Politics: Random Thoughts on Today's Crisis Situations

I sat down today to write about something other than Politics. I think we are all growing weary hearing about the financial crisis, the moral crisis, the war crisis. Everything in today's news centers on a CRISIS.

Well, I can't help myself. Let's think about the "Economic Recovery" program. We hear about all of the "Pork" in it. We all know it's there, and it's going to be there. Fact, right? For an example, Fox News is making a huge deal about the good Socialist Senator Harkin and his Iowa swine smell project.

Is that a valuable project? Here in Iowa, I would say it is. Pigs stink and the rest of the nation demands low priced pork from states like Iowa. We don't want to smell it, so we think its cool. Well, maybe not. Although this type of research is valuable, I cannot find ANYWHERE in the constitution (even reading it very , dare I say, liberally) where this type of project is a function of the federal government. It actually seems to be a state function strictly speaking. If we Iowans want this type of research done, we should tax our population and pay for it ourselves. Our industry, our problem to deal with. Folks in New Jersey don't need to pay for it.

Apply that reasoning to ALL of the pork in Washington. If it passes a pure Constitutionality test we can spend the money. If not, the states own it. I won't ave to pay for Kalifornia or the USSNY anymore. I REALLY like that idea.

This reasoning takes care of most moral issues a well. If you want "health" classes in your schools, go ahead. Want rights for gays, cool. In your state. Alcohol and tobacco taxes? Fine have at it. If a state becomes oppressive or immoral, folks can leave and go to the greener grass.

Maobama gave us all a tax break right? Then he reduced charitable giving deductions and decreased the Mortgage interest deduction. HMMM... Sounds like Mao wants to control everything and increase your taxes behind your back. In the "stimulus" package, there is $100,000,000 for your politicians favorite charitable organizations. It's all about control, folks.

The Chairman has his $650,000,000,000.00 carbon tax in his budget. Do you believe your power company is going to eat that and not pass it on to you? By the way, 650 international scientists recently came together and said that the human effects of global warming are exaggerated at a minimum, if not completely false. Is this not a tax increase hidden inside a bill that you get monthly?

I heard on the news today that with the money AIG lost last quarter, we could have given 20,000 families $50,000.00 each day. That's a lot of income tax revenue. Instead, we are going to buy them. Whatcha think about that?

Poor Sheriff Joe Arpiao. He takes a bunch of criminals (all convicted and illegal alien) to jail and the media and left attack him. First, those people were CONVICTED of CRIME. Secondly, they are here ILLEGALLY. Do we no longer uphold our own laws? I don't get this one, but I do stand by the Sheriff. Too bad they all aren't like him. These people are CRIMINALS and INVADERS of a SOVEREIGN NATION.

One last thing. I found this on my buddy Galt's Guns blog. I only agree with about 75% of it, but it is worth a look and a bunch of thought. Our interventionist foreign policy will get us in trouble some day and the end of this speaks volumes.

What If:

Until next time, thanks for putting up with my random rants, and keep your powder dry and your eyes open!


  1. An interesting line of reasoning. However, apply the same argument and things like the Interstate Highway System become pie-in-the-sky projects that never happen. The IHS represents trillions of dollars of investment by the government and isn't something that states could undertake by themselves -- neither initial construction nor ongoing maintenance.

    When construction of the system began in the 1950's, did Iowa have the tax base required to build the I-80 corridor across the state? Probably not. If Iowa had to pay to all of the maintenance I-80 out of it's own pocket today, could it? Maybe, but not without taking a serious hit elsewhere.

    The flaw in my argument is that of importance. The IHS is damned important and it provides a huge economic boon to the areas it passes through, and thus everyone has a vested interest in helping pay for it -- whether it's a mile from their house or in the middle of a state a thousand miles away.

    In the case of Pig Stink Rectification, yeah, I agree that that's something Iowa should undertake on its own. However, once you do, could you share that info with us up here in Minnesota? The stink once you get outside the city can be pretty bad.

  2. The IHS was brought to a vote and did not pass the first time. Only when it was designated the Interstate DEFENSE highway system did it pass. It had to be given a status that would pass constitutional muster.

    "If Iowa had to pay to all of the maintenance I-80 out of it's own pocket today, could it? Maybe, but not without taking a serious hit elsewhere."

    With the feds stealing our money, you are correct that it would be painfult to take care of I-80 and I-35. If tax rates were turned around (larger to state and smaller to fed) as was always intended, things would be different.

    "and thus everyone has a vested interest in helping pay for it -- whether it's a mile from their house or in the middle of a state a thousand miles away."

    Agreed as well. What I do not have a vested interest in however is the completely screwed up Califirnia education system, welfare for illegal immigrants, and about a thousand other things not constitutionally recognized.

    AND don't start with the greater good education bullshit either. I am a father of young children and understand the importance.
    If the government was out of education (because it is unconstitutional) I would have far more power with my tax dollar in Des Moines than in Washington, because I could get in touch with my legislators. Ever try to actually call your one of your Federal representatives? Additionally, it would cause education competition amongst the states. If Louisiana wanted to stay behind everyone else, they could and their young population, and therefeore industry, would dry up. EVERYTHING is better with a small central government.

    Even the name, United States of America, implies the states rights above a central government. It is my opinion that the founders believed that Washington was more of a great treaty amongst the several states than it was a central power.

    And we'll share our pig stink killing secrets when Minnesota quits taking our federal tax dollars and using them for Muslim mortgage programs. If you need details on that one, let me know. It would be all good as long as they did one for Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, and Baptists as well. It would pass a constitutionality test because then it wouldn't favor one religion over another. After all, there is no separation of church and state "clause" regardless of what the liberal education establishment wants you to believe.

    Thanks for the comment. I like a good debate.