Friday, March 13, 2009

Lowest Approval in History

Approval ratings on the Presidency are out today. The Chairman rates 57% approval. The worst drop in ratings in the history of approval polling. Where are all of the Obamanation supporters going?

I have some advice for the Pres. Stop talking about Americans needing to tighten their belts while you spend their children's inheritance. We really are smart enough to see what you are doing.

All the talk about health care, green energy, stem cells, and a myriad of other liberal agenda items may be what got you in position, but Americans don't want to hear it right now. We want a Fiscally Responsible way out of what you inherited from Clinton and Bush. Yes, president Clinton and the Shrub are at fault. By the way, the Cap and Trade thing more than takes away the tax benefit that you are supposedly giving to 95% of working families. How you give a credit to someone that doesn't pay any taxes in the first place, is beyond me and beyond the scope of this post.

You campaigned on transparency. This is something the people DO want to see right now. Promising a 48 hour review of the thousands of pages in the"recovery bill" isn't transparency. Never mind the fact that less than 24 hours were actually given.

You promised no signing statements. Seems to me I head about one regarding the latest spending fiasco.

During the campaign, Mr. President, you promised to stop earmarks. You even said something about going line by line and removing them. I think everyone is aware of where you truly stand regarding this practice.

Border violence is increasing. Mr. President, instead of moving troops out of Iraq and into Afghanistan, how about sending them to our southern border. It may help your ratings if you show the southern states that you actually do care.

It may not hurt for you to actually act like you care about our allies as well. Giving them DVD movies at your first diplomatic meeting probably seems a little cheap. There you have it, my two cents on your approval ratings.


If you have a chance, check out Glenn Beck tonight. I think it's gonna be great. You are not alone! This is THE TIME to stand together as Citizens of the United States of America!

Here are a few items of interest that I have found while out surfing: Make sure you check out the video too. Same video on youtube with some seriously strange comments below. The Left will always attack at a personal level rather than discuss a situation. It's easier. Gelnn rocks. If you are a leftie, I ask that you simply give him a chance. This guy is a far closer example of the "right" than Limbaugh or Hannity the GOP mouthpiece.

Till next time, Keep your powder dry and your eyes open.

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