Monday, March 30, 2009

On a Highway....

I wrote this last night, the 30th of March. I am in the middle of researching a peice on our foreign policy. This one just sprouted and is more of a semi-conscious rant than anything. Everyone already knows everything I typed, but sometimes you just gotta shout from the E-mountain top, if you know what I mean..... Keep a look out for what I hope to be my best post yet in just a few days.

Here I sit once again, amidst the rubble of what used to be a nation of citizens too proud to look toward Washington for ANYTHING. Even more, the citizens of this country USED to wish the government out of their lives, and from what I have read, even resented the Capital. Well, like I said, used to. It is obviously a different day.

Our idiot leader opened his mouth, and the bottom dropped out of everything. It dropped like every other time he opened his mouth. Last week, things were starting to smell just a little better, maybe. The Maobamination saw to it we couldn't have two weeks of good news in a row. That wouldn't fit in the great leftist plan.

I just remembered, you may not want to read this in front of the kids. I am pretty sure by the time this rant is over, you will have read several politically incorrect expletives. Not proper church language at a minimum. The faint of heart better sign off this site right now...

The Senate banking Chairman took $160,000.00 in donations from AIG. Then the Asshole writes the bonuses into the legislation that bailed them out. Now the other side (politicians always have 2 sides, one a beggar, and the other a theif) of his persona is speaking. He is distancing himself as fast as he can from both sides of this fiasco. He's blaming it on the "administration" because he knows the leftists believe the Chairman can do no wrong.

Tiny Tim jumped on the Sunday news talk shows over the weekend, and told us the banks may need more money. Guess what stocks took a beating first this morning? You got it, the banks tanked. Can't have any optimism in the market. It won't fit the plan.

Think what you want of GM. Regardless, we now have a Socialized auto industry. Seems I read someting about owning the financial system and manufacturing sector of an economy is a pillar of......FUCKING SOCIALISM. Do you get it yet? Really, I understand that economics are complicated and far beyond the capability of my grey matter, but it so obvious folks. During the Shrub's reign, we were told there was NO way we could possibly allow GM to go bankrupt. That would lead to a drepression. Now we can't seem to see a way around GM going bankrupt? Huh. So, somehow, some way, the president fired the leader of an American company. How is that possible? If ANYONE can find constituional language that supports this bullshit, I will buy you a steak dinner. A really good steak dinner. When did Martial Law come into effect? Did I miss something?

The big G20 conference is getting ready to begin. This is an economic conference among the richest countries on the planet. Most of Europe is involved including the EU. As of right now, we are involved as well. The Pres has decided he wants to seek a world wide unity. Something tells me he may find Europe wants something else. England, Germany, France (all recipients of billions in American bailout dollars) are against his spend to prosperity "plan", or lack thereof. Germany has some pretty good history to back up their worries. Anyone ever heard of the Weimar Republic? If not, you may want to do some reading. Even the Czech's can tell we are up to no good. They know something about big government tyranny as well.

"Dont need reason, dont need rhyme. Aint nothing I would rather do. Going down, party time. My friends are gonna be there too. I'm on the highway to hell. No stop signs, speed limit. Nobodys gonna slow me down.".....

The lefties in my audience, which there are few, will say that capitalism got us in this mess, and only a leftward push will help us. I only have to ask, do you consider Fannie or Freddie capitalist organizations? Mr. Bush(2), Mr. Clinton, Mr. Bush(1), Mr. Frank, you are all responsible for this mess. Don't blame Capitalism. President Obama just took office with a pocket full of napalm to throw on the fire.

Of course, the American people are actually responsible. We voted for 'em. We didn't stand up when the educational elite revised our history or started teaching the benefits of Marxism in our colleges. We didn't tell the athiests to go straight to hell when they pushed God out of a Christian nation. Yes, we are a Christian Nation, and no, there isn't a "separation" of church and state in the Constitution. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." That doesn't sound like a "separation" to me. It seems to me protection from persecution is really what it means.

So, we have dozens of economic issues at the same time, bailouts, healthcare, guns, troubles everywhere. Hundreds of issues at once. The Koreans, the Russians, Chinese, two non sanctioned wars, budget defecits. I have heard all of this is staged. Designed confusion. Masking the real issues. If this is true, the real issues have to be really really bad.

Till next time, you know the deal.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

China the Superpower

The whole world is doing it. Everyone is looking to China for cash. Just like any bank you and I have ever gone to for a loan, if you are willing to pay, you will be allowed to play. The question is, "What's the price?"

Ask your Congressmen if they know!

Then read Thomas Paine, Ben Franklin, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Can't Help Myself!

Sorry, Sorry, I apologize. I can't help it. As to my previous post, I said I wouldn't talk about specifics and I wouldn't look up facts. This happens to be a NEW POST!

Smoke and mirrors again, my friends. Look up Glenn Beck's program today! I happened to do my own research to corroborate his words. While we were concerned about 165 million in bonuses, our tax dollars went to Goldman Saks from AIG in the amount of $13,0000000000. Yes, with a B! And to Merrill Lynch at 7,000,000,000. Again with a B! Oh yeah, Bank of America got 5,5000,000,000. B again!

We also paid 13B to the UK, 17B to Germany, 19B to France, and 5B to Switzerland. All from AIG. Are they a scapegoat? Prove me wrong. Vote for an Obamanation or a Shrub again. Pull your collective heads out of your Posterior and VOTE FOR WHAT IS RIGHT, AND NOT WHAT'S POPULAR!

Politics From the Heart. PCS Style!

OK, this is new to me. I am going to write straight from my slightly warped grey matter and not look up any references (I am starting to believe that I have the constitution memorized). Really, I am going to use whatever logic I have here.

The bailout. It really sucks. We the people were totally hosed. BUT, is it the fault of the folks at AIG that we gave them money with no strings attached? The Senior execs at AIG were contractually obligated to pay bonuses to their juniors. Where I come from, the execs made sure that bonuses were part of performance (props to AVI), but if the bonus program at AIG stipulated otherwise, and the Government didn't make any additional rules during the bailout, SHAME on the government. Those people get their bonus.

Stop and think about it. If you had a contract with your employer, would you let them default? If it were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, in today's economy, would you let your employer off the hook. Hell no! You're a liar if you answered otherwise. Really in your heart, you know you are! being the Capitalist pig that I know I am, I would want my dough.

This, my friends and enemies is why I say that we should have let the financial institutions that practiced risky (horridly irresponsible) lending and purchasing procedures fail. There were many mid-sized and nearly large institutions that were waiting in the wings to take their place. How many times have we heard in our career the cliche that nobody is irreplaceable (is that a word, or did HR make it up?).

The bottom line of this rant is this: Right is right. Wrong is wrong. We (against or will) gave it to them. The employee expected, and the employer was obligated. The right thing was done. At the end of the day each and every Bush supporter was wrong because TARP was his. Now, each and every Chairman Obamanation supporter is wrong because you want to take it back.

As a society, we need to measure right and wrong as opposed to what is popular. I keep telling everyone to go to . The reason for this is because we need some common sense. the Principles are as follows:

9 Principles
1. America Is Good.
2. I believe in God and He is the Center of my Life.
God “The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the external rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained.” from George Washington’s first Inaugural address.
3. I must always try to be a more honest person than I was yesterday.
Honesty “I hope that I shall always possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider to be the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.” George Washington
4. The family is sacred. My spouse and I are the ultimate authority, not the government.
Marriage/Family “It is in the love of one’s family only that heartfelt happiness is known. By a law of our nature, we cannot be happy without the endearing connections of a family.” Thomas Jefferson
5. If you break the law you pay the penalty. Justice is blind and no one is above it.
Justice “I deem one of the essential principles of our government… equal and exact justice to all men of whatever state or persuasion, religious or political.” Thomas Jefferson
6. I have a right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, but there is no guarantee of equal results.
Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit of Happiness “Everyone has a natural right to choose that vocation in life which he thinks most likely to give him comfortable subsistence.” Thomas Jefferson
7. I work hard for what I have and I will share it with who I want to. Government cannot force me to be charitable.
Charity “It is not everyone who asketh that deserveth charity; all however, are worth of the inquiry or the deserving may suffer.” George Washington
8. It is not un-American for me to disagree with authority or to share my personal opinion.
On your right to disagree “In a free and republican government, you cannot restrain the voice of the multitude; every man will speak as he thinks, or more properly without thinking.” George Washington
9. The government works for me. I do not answer to them, they answer to me.
Who works for whom? “I consider the people who constitute a society or a nation as the source of all authority in that nation.” Thomas Jefferson

The 12 Values are:

Hard Work
Personal Responsibility

Can you Disagree with that?

until next time, I apologize for being so wordy, and keep your powder dry and your eyes open!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm a Political Scientist... Sure you are!

After informing my old friend of my last blog, she simply commented that she "is a political scientist". She went further by stating that she "knows" the reasons people vote the way they do, but cannot figure out WHY.
Really, it's simple. It doesn't take a scientist. We don't want to be messed with. The left will never understand. It's all about liberty. We don't want a hand out. It's all about being left alone.
That's it for now. in the mean time, keep your powder dry and your eyes open.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Poor County Votes Repiblican

An old friend from high school recently made a comment that I couldn't let go of...She spoke about being part of a VERY poor community that kept voting Republican. She just couldn't understand why these people kept voting against their own economic well being. I too live where things are tremendously depressed. According to the 2000 census, 44% of my county's population made less than $25,000 a year. and 62% made less than $35,000. The median wage was just $27,000. I would venture that the median is actually a little deceiving, because there are a few of us that travel for work. By travel, I mean make a minimum of an hour commute every day because we are fortunate enough to have jobs that pay us enough to do so.

I have a theory about why we vote Republican when it wouldn't seem natural to do so. We don't want a hand out. We also know that as long as Kalifornia and USSNY exist, we will never get a proportionate share of our pay in to the Feds. Big cities equal big payouts from the Federal government, and we understand that the Republicans are our only hope (as little as there is) for keeping taxes low.

Our government was established upon a "United States". In other words, each state was its own country. The Constitution was to be a treaty amongst the states in order to provide a common defense and a set of ground rules for us all to get along. This document was ratified with a bill of rights in order to establish a "Union". If we take this as a truth, there are some things that have been corrupted within our current government.

First, federal representatives have far too much status. State members of the house should have far more power than a than a US Senator. Being a state Senator or Governor would be of a status next to the President himself.... Think about that one...

Federal congresspeople today believe it is their duty to "bring it home" to their state. They should actually be fighting to keep it from leaving their state in the first place. FDR saw to it that we never again would be able to fight for that. I just spoke heresy to my liberal readers, but sometimes the truth hurts.

What about projects for the "greater good"? Omnipotent health care, education, someone mentioned US highways. The real question is what about the Individual and the Constitution? I would LOVE to have someone take care of all my social needs. How Awesome? Well, I am not prepared to live in accordance with their belief system in order to have their programs. If I want to have a cigar and a glass of wine after a big steak dinner, I don't want a vegan telling me I can't because it will affect their health care. No cheeseburgers, I don't think so! You have to give up chocolate, because I don't think its good. Before long, we are all living on tofu and water, and running three miles a week. that may be a little far fetched, but really, where does one persons right to pursue happiness end for the greater good? Who decides? If we say society decides, the line will move every election cycle. You can smoke for the next two years. Then you have to stop and eat only fish for protein for two years. Again, far flung, but where is the line?

I say leave it ALL to the states. If you want universal health care, move to Massachusetts. Gay marriage, got to Connecticut. Good schools, the Midwest makes sense. Reverse the state versus fed income tax, and let the states decide. We can take care of defense, highways, and trade alone for far less than is paid now. The folks in a particular state want to forgo taxes at the cost of their schools or highways, it's all good. They will suffer the consequences by having industry leave and their tax base dry up. It really is that easy.

The majority of folks in low population, low income areas don't want a hand out. They want the Federal government out. They are used to operating without a net, and are happy to do so. Far and away more square miles of this country vote conservative than liberal. By four to one. Check it out here:

We rednecks simply don't like to be told what to do or how to do it. We also know control of our liberties is exactly what the leftists want. The county by county map may not have any bearing on the election outcome, but it does shed light on why small town folks vote the way they do.

Even if your political views are different than mine, PLEASE check ://

Until next time, don't let the financial news get you down. Keep your head high, your powder dry and your eyes open.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lowest Approval in History

Approval ratings on the Presidency are out today. The Chairman rates 57% approval. The worst drop in ratings in the history of approval polling. Where are all of the Obamanation supporters going?

I have some advice for the Pres. Stop talking about Americans needing to tighten their belts while you spend their children's inheritance. We really are smart enough to see what you are doing.

All the talk about health care, green energy, stem cells, and a myriad of other liberal agenda items may be what got you in position, but Americans don't want to hear it right now. We want a Fiscally Responsible way out of what you inherited from Clinton and Bush. Yes, president Clinton and the Shrub are at fault. By the way, the Cap and Trade thing more than takes away the tax benefit that you are supposedly giving to 95% of working families. How you give a credit to someone that doesn't pay any taxes in the first place, is beyond me and beyond the scope of this post.

You campaigned on transparency. This is something the people DO want to see right now. Promising a 48 hour review of the thousands of pages in the"recovery bill" isn't transparency. Never mind the fact that less than 24 hours were actually given.

You promised no signing statements. Seems to me I head about one regarding the latest spending fiasco.

During the campaign, Mr. President, you promised to stop earmarks. You even said something about going line by line and removing them. I think everyone is aware of where you truly stand regarding this practice.

Border violence is increasing. Mr. President, instead of moving troops out of Iraq and into Afghanistan, how about sending them to our southern border. It may help your ratings if you show the southern states that you actually do care.

It may not hurt for you to actually act like you care about our allies as well. Giving them DVD movies at your first diplomatic meeting probably seems a little cheap. There you have it, my two cents on your approval ratings.


If you have a chance, check out Glenn Beck tonight. I think it's gonna be great. You are not alone! This is THE TIME to stand together as Citizens of the United States of America!

Here are a few items of interest that I have found while out surfing: Make sure you check out the video too. Same video on youtube with some seriously strange comments below. The Left will always attack at a personal level rather than discuss a situation. It's easier. Gelnn rocks. If you are a leftie, I ask that you simply give him a chance. This guy is a far closer example of the "right" than Limbaugh or Hannity the GOP mouthpiece.

Till next time, Keep your powder dry and your eyes open.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Reloading the Political Armament

I saw two bobcats the night before last. Any idea how rare that is? I would say the site of two of these cats at once is akin to snow in August. Earlier that day, I was re-introduced to some folks that I hadn't really talked to since I was a kid. They acted as though I was a long lost grandchild. The kids and I played hide and seek after dinner, and I finished that night with a glass of wine they had made from their vineyard.

My dad had come down the day before, and I had a chance to put a few hundred rounds down range with him. Just a boy and his dad breaking sticks and making cans jump. I enjoyed it like I was ten again. The weather was warm for March, and we laughed and talked like the old days before I had a business and family. It seemed as if we had all the time in the world for a change.

I awoke this morning to raindrops drumming a pleasant tune on the roof, and fourteen Canada geese on our new pond. While I was watching them and waiting for my morning caffeine, a small group of blue winged teal landed amongst them. Yes, Teal in March, on our pond ,swimming with the geese. I warded off the primal desire to run for my shotgun, instead opting for a cup of the black stuff and a pair of binoculars. After allowing me to enjoy their seemingly random movements for nearly an hour, they were gone. The ducks first, followed by the the Canadas, slipping away over the western horizon.

I read Reverend Kenneth Blanchard's column tonight, and it made me think. We all walk our own walk. Each of us has a unique experience to share. Some of us have been and done, some simply dream about the "what ifs" in life, and others simply bury their heads in the sand.

I believe God gave me a few days to reflect. I hadn't planned on taking the time off, but it came to me. A little recharge before continuing the battle. It's important. Relive your "old days" and remember what's important. Play with the kids.

While I was busy not paying attention to the news, our leftist governor actually said NO to a new tax. How strange. He actually said that raising taxes in an already poor economic time would cause undue pressure on the local economy.

The republicans and few blue dogs that are left in the government are also holding up the bloated spending bill that would run the government the next few months. Wannabe Czar of Iowa, Harkin hasn't slowed down, but for a change, things aren't all negative. THERE IS HOPE! Now if we could just get ammo supplies back to normal so there could be more of those little relax and reflect times. I fear those days are gone for a while but let's all Hope the situation Changes.

Until next time, Keep your powder dry and your eyes open. And take a break whether you think you can or not. It's worth it..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taxes, Local News, National Social Issue

Where have we gone as a nation? Last summer, Iowa was flooded. The damage was tremendous. There were weeks that trucks were detoured on interstate 80 in Eastern Iowa. The town of Cedar Rapids was pretty much devastated. Our local officials st on their thumbs and did little other than lip service due to it being an election year. Sometimes, it seems that doing nothing is the only safe thing politically. There are no morals or conviction in today's politics. It's all about protecting personal power. Alas, that is another topic best saved for a posting of its own.

In their infinite wisdom, these folks, without meaningful help from FEMA or Des Moines, decided that proposing a sales tax increase upon themselves may help them rebuild. How this wasn't immediately seen as flawed logic defies explanation. We can't afford to rebuild our houses and businesses, so we will have money taken from us in order to do it?

This tax actually passed! These folks are taxing themselves to rebuild their own homes. Why not simply dot it yourself? Taxes never sunset. Every time a sales tax has been set to go away in Iowa, the local government stepped in and made it permanent. It may be noble to pool resources in order help each other out, but the notion that the government will be noble enough to give up a portion of it's standard of living when the need is gone is foolish. It simply isn't human behavior!

Obviously, America will not be able to pay off our debt for many generations. Another debate could be had on whether or not there is any desire to pay it off. If for the purposes of this example, we say that we could levy taxes to pay for the projects (taxing those over $250K a year) that are now either law or proposed ($10T). Once these "programs" are paid for, and the economy rebounds, does anyone believe these dollars would cease to be collected?

Example: A citizen works to pay their bills and live comfortably. They buy a home and a car. Upon making the final payment on their car, their employer tells them they will have their monthly pay reduced by the amount of their prior car payment. Is this plausible? I think not.

The above example is the way that the government is supposed to work. The system has been bastardized to the point that if it actually worked in that fashion politicians wouldn't be able to protect their positions of power because they wouldn't be bringing home federal dollars in a disproportionate amount to what was paid in. That too, is another topic.

Until we begin to hold the Federal Government responsible for their unbelievably poor actions, it will never give us our proper standard of living. And yes, that wording is intentional. As it stands now, we are all servants to the government and they have the ability to make or break our standard of living....Our only hope is the ballot box and a study of the history of this great Nation. Of course, we would have to begin teaching civics in the public schools as it was taught generations ago. Again, another topic.

Until next time, keep your powder dry and your eyes open.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No Politics Today! It's Guns!

After re-reading my post from yesterday I started thinking. It reminded me of something. Short bursts of thought. Different topics all together, but with a common thread. It dawned on me this afternoon out at the range that I had written a Cooper blog post! It didn;t have his flair or intellect, but I had inadvertantly written in his style. Here I am at Condition Zero, XD in hand, and I am thinking about my political blog. What is wrong with me?

Anyway, what I want to talk about is CCW and your favorites. I know everyone has their favorite carry weapon and their opinion is the only one that counts. I am the same way. I carry a Glock 27 every day. I don't have "Glock trigger syndrome" and I want to make sure I have a minimum amount of gun on my side. The .40 caliber fits the bill for me. My Glock is nice and round, and easily concealed. I love it.

YET....I am not a "Glockhead". My full sized Gen 1 XD is a far superior firearm in my opinion, I just can't hide it on my body. My favorite handgun is a Ruger blackhawk with a minor trigger jod. No way in H E double hockey sticks I am gonna wear over three pounds of single action wheel gun every day. I shot an LCP a while back , and although it shot well, I am just not sure I want to go with that small a caliber. In defense of the 27, I have NEVER had a single fault when firing it. It has probably experienced 5000 bangs without error.

I know, I know, it's all about shot placement. but it's not. Not in today's day and age. I am an advocate of "thumper" cartridges. Different writer and slightly different theory. Bigger is better in the world of CCW. I believe we should carry as much gun as we can sensibly handle. After all, I am not overly recoil sensitive, and I have the ability and desire to shoot several hundreds of rounds a month. I know, I am fortunate. Life is good.

Let me know what you think. I always enjoy a good discussion. Even if you wish to go left and tell me that I am some sort of bad guy for exercising my second amendment rights. I won't have a problem debating the matter as long as you remain civilized. Tell me what you like to carry and why. Ask questions. I am no expert, but I will share my opinion and back it up with as much fact as possible. If you have been reading for any time at all, you will know that I love to type!

Till next time, Thank you to the Late Great Col. Jeff Cooper! You are an inspiration!

Keep your powder dry and your eyes open.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I couldn't help myself. Kudos to the creator of this!

Politics: Random Thoughts on Today's Crisis Situations

I sat down today to write about something other than Politics. I think we are all growing weary hearing about the financial crisis, the moral crisis, the war crisis. Everything in today's news centers on a CRISIS.

Well, I can't help myself. Let's think about the "Economic Recovery" program. We hear about all of the "Pork" in it. We all know it's there, and it's going to be there. Fact, right? For an example, Fox News is making a huge deal about the good Socialist Senator Harkin and his Iowa swine smell project.

Is that a valuable project? Here in Iowa, I would say it is. Pigs stink and the rest of the nation demands low priced pork from states like Iowa. We don't want to smell it, so we think its cool. Well, maybe not. Although this type of research is valuable, I cannot find ANYWHERE in the constitution (even reading it very , dare I say, liberally) where this type of project is a function of the federal government. It actually seems to be a state function strictly speaking. If we Iowans want this type of research done, we should tax our population and pay for it ourselves. Our industry, our problem to deal with. Folks in New Jersey don't need to pay for it.

Apply that reasoning to ALL of the pork in Washington. If it passes a pure Constitutionality test we can spend the money. If not, the states own it. I won't ave to pay for Kalifornia or the USSNY anymore. I REALLY like that idea.

This reasoning takes care of most moral issues a well. If you want "health" classes in your schools, go ahead. Want rights for gays, cool. In your state. Alcohol and tobacco taxes? Fine have at it. If a state becomes oppressive or immoral, folks can leave and go to the greener grass.

Maobama gave us all a tax break right? Then he reduced charitable giving deductions and decreased the Mortgage interest deduction. HMMM... Sounds like Mao wants to control everything and increase your taxes behind your back. In the "stimulus" package, there is $100,000,000 for your politicians favorite charitable organizations. It's all about control, folks.

The Chairman has his $650,000,000,000.00 carbon tax in his budget. Do you believe your power company is going to eat that and not pass it on to you? By the way, 650 international scientists recently came together and said that the human effects of global warming are exaggerated at a minimum, if not completely false. Is this not a tax increase hidden inside a bill that you get monthly?

I heard on the news today that with the money AIG lost last quarter, we could have given 20,000 families $50,000.00 each day. That's a lot of income tax revenue. Instead, we are going to buy them. Whatcha think about that?

Poor Sheriff Joe Arpiao. He takes a bunch of criminals (all convicted and illegal alien) to jail and the media and left attack him. First, those people were CONVICTED of CRIME. Secondly, they are here ILLEGALLY. Do we no longer uphold our own laws? I don't get this one, but I do stand by the Sheriff. Too bad they all aren't like him. These people are CRIMINALS and INVADERS of a SOVEREIGN NATION.

One last thing. I found this on my buddy Galt's Guns blog. I only agree with about 75% of it, but it is worth a look and a bunch of thought. Our interventionist foreign policy will get us in trouble some day and the end of this speaks volumes.

What If:

Until next time, thanks for putting up with my random rants, and keep your powder dry and your eyes open!