Monday, March 30, 2009

On a Highway....

I wrote this last night, the 30th of March. I am in the middle of researching a peice on our foreign policy. This one just sprouted and is more of a semi-conscious rant than anything. Everyone already knows everything I typed, but sometimes you just gotta shout from the E-mountain top, if you know what I mean..... Keep a look out for what I hope to be my best post yet in just a few days.

Here I sit once again, amidst the rubble of what used to be a nation of citizens too proud to look toward Washington for ANYTHING. Even more, the citizens of this country USED to wish the government out of their lives, and from what I have read, even resented the Capital. Well, like I said, used to. It is obviously a different day.

Our idiot leader opened his mouth, and the bottom dropped out of everything. It dropped like every other time he opened his mouth. Last week, things were starting to smell just a little better, maybe. The Maobamination saw to it we couldn't have two weeks of good news in a row. That wouldn't fit in the great leftist plan.

I just remembered, you may not want to read this in front of the kids. I am pretty sure by the time this rant is over, you will have read several politically incorrect expletives. Not proper church language at a minimum. The faint of heart better sign off this site right now...

The Senate banking Chairman took $160,000.00 in donations from AIG. Then the Asshole writes the bonuses into the legislation that bailed them out. Now the other side (politicians always have 2 sides, one a beggar, and the other a theif) of his persona is speaking. He is distancing himself as fast as he can from both sides of this fiasco. He's blaming it on the "administration" because he knows the leftists believe the Chairman can do no wrong.

Tiny Tim jumped on the Sunday news talk shows over the weekend, and told us the banks may need more money. Guess what stocks took a beating first this morning? You got it, the banks tanked. Can't have any optimism in the market. It won't fit the plan.

Think what you want of GM. Regardless, we now have a Socialized auto industry. Seems I read someting about owning the financial system and manufacturing sector of an economy is a pillar of......FUCKING SOCIALISM. Do you get it yet? Really, I understand that economics are complicated and far beyond the capability of my grey matter, but it so obvious folks. During the Shrub's reign, we were told there was NO way we could possibly allow GM to go bankrupt. That would lead to a drepression. Now we can't seem to see a way around GM going bankrupt? Huh. So, somehow, some way, the president fired the leader of an American company. How is that possible? If ANYONE can find constituional language that supports this bullshit, I will buy you a steak dinner. A really good steak dinner. When did Martial Law come into effect? Did I miss something?

The big G20 conference is getting ready to begin. This is an economic conference among the richest countries on the planet. Most of Europe is involved including the EU. As of right now, we are involved as well. The Pres has decided he wants to seek a world wide unity. Something tells me he may find Europe wants something else. England, Germany, France (all recipients of billions in American bailout dollars) are against his spend to prosperity "plan", or lack thereof. Germany has some pretty good history to back up their worries. Anyone ever heard of the Weimar Republic? If not, you may want to do some reading. Even the Czech's can tell we are up to no good. They know something about big government tyranny as well.

"Dont need reason, dont need rhyme. Aint nothing I would rather do. Going down, party time. My friends are gonna be there too. I'm on the highway to hell. No stop signs, speed limit. Nobodys gonna slow me down.".....

The lefties in my audience, which there are few, will say that capitalism got us in this mess, and only a leftward push will help us. I only have to ask, do you consider Fannie or Freddie capitalist organizations? Mr. Bush(2), Mr. Clinton, Mr. Bush(1), Mr. Frank, you are all responsible for this mess. Don't blame Capitalism. President Obama just took office with a pocket full of napalm to throw on the fire.

Of course, the American people are actually responsible. We voted for 'em. We didn't stand up when the educational elite revised our history or started teaching the benefits of Marxism in our colleges. We didn't tell the athiests to go straight to hell when they pushed God out of a Christian nation. Yes, we are a Christian Nation, and no, there isn't a "separation" of church and state in the Constitution. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." That doesn't sound like a "separation" to me. It seems to me protection from persecution is really what it means.

So, we have dozens of economic issues at the same time, bailouts, healthcare, guns, troubles everywhere. Hundreds of issues at once. The Koreans, the Russians, Chinese, two non sanctioned wars, budget defecits. I have heard all of this is staged. Designed confusion. Masking the real issues. If this is true, the real issues have to be really really bad.

Till next time, you know the deal.


  1. Your thoughts on designed confusion sound a bit conspiratorial, but I agree. I don't usually buy into any conspiracy stuff, but I can't come up with anything else to explain it. The last two weeks it has been nothing less than chaos in Washington. I can't imagine how anyone can give the necessary scrutiny to all of the "fixes" they are bombarding us with. What is really beyond my comprehension is that the people in Washington and across the nation seem to accept all of this crap or just plain don't care. I am still holding out hope that there are enough that do care and are paying attention. All the talk of globalization bothers me alot. Perhaps that is part of the "big" plan.Can't wait to see the results of the G20 Summit, should be interesting to say the least. One more important point that I agree with you on is the fact that we as a people have let this nation down. Once the anti-Christian movement got a foothold we have been sliding deeper into a black hole. But as you know, the lefties will even put a "spin" on the U.S. Constitution to fit their agenda. I for one am praying for our country. We have weathered many storms, and a big one is on the horizon!

  2. Well, the good thing is that the Brits understand we are a nation of power, prosperity and leadership. Best of all, our State Department hands out great gifts to the world dignitaries. I mean come on, the 82 year old Queen of England will surely enjoy her (second) iPod while Gordon Brown stairs at his blank TV because the DVD's are in the wrong format. This is SWEET stuff!