Sunday, March 8, 2009

Reloading the Political Armament

I saw two bobcats the night before last. Any idea how rare that is? I would say the site of two of these cats at once is akin to snow in August. Earlier that day, I was re-introduced to some folks that I hadn't really talked to since I was a kid. They acted as though I was a long lost grandchild. The kids and I played hide and seek after dinner, and I finished that night with a glass of wine they had made from their vineyard.

My dad had come down the day before, and I had a chance to put a few hundred rounds down range with him. Just a boy and his dad breaking sticks and making cans jump. I enjoyed it like I was ten again. The weather was warm for March, and we laughed and talked like the old days before I had a business and family. It seemed as if we had all the time in the world for a change.

I awoke this morning to raindrops drumming a pleasant tune on the roof, and fourteen Canada geese on our new pond. While I was watching them and waiting for my morning caffeine, a small group of blue winged teal landed amongst them. Yes, Teal in March, on our pond ,swimming with the geese. I warded off the primal desire to run for my shotgun, instead opting for a cup of the black stuff and a pair of binoculars. After allowing me to enjoy their seemingly random movements for nearly an hour, they were gone. The ducks first, followed by the the Canadas, slipping away over the western horizon.

I read Reverend Kenneth Blanchard's column tonight, and it made me think. We all walk our own walk. Each of us has a unique experience to share. Some of us have been and done, some simply dream about the "what ifs" in life, and others simply bury their heads in the sand.

I believe God gave me a few days to reflect. I hadn't planned on taking the time off, but it came to me. A little recharge before continuing the battle. It's important. Relive your "old days" and remember what's important. Play with the kids.

While I was busy not paying attention to the news, our leftist governor actually said NO to a new tax. How strange. He actually said that raising taxes in an already poor economic time would cause undue pressure on the local economy.

The republicans and few blue dogs that are left in the government are also holding up the bloated spending bill that would run the government the next few months. Wannabe Czar of Iowa, Harkin hasn't slowed down, but for a change, things aren't all negative. THERE IS HOPE! Now if we could just get ammo supplies back to normal so there could be more of those little relax and reflect times. I fear those days are gone for a while but let's all Hope the situation Changes.

Until next time, Keep your powder dry and your eyes open. And take a break whether you think you can or not. It's worth it..

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  1. Took a little break myself, last week. I actually had an opportunity to take a week off work and read a book that I had for awhile, by General Tommy Franks, "American Soldier". What a read.

    Interesting things about this book include the facts that few people understand, ignore, are completely ignorant of ( or just suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome) as to why the United States of America, with all of our problems, is the greatest nation on the planet earth. And behind the scenes, the whole thing was grossly misrepresented in the media.

    I offer this commentary for a couple of reasons... One, it felt good to decompress for a week and do nothing but relax. As a result, it (two) allowed me to reflect about certain life experiences.

    During the time spent in the U.S. Army, I did not completely understand the importance of being a part of the military and the role it plays in affording us the freedoms we enjoy. I was glad I had the chance to do it, but wish I had the extra twenty years of grey matter to put things in perspective. We have it good here; people take our way of life for granted too often, I fear.

    I concur, slow done, take a breath and enjoy what you have. It may be gone before you know it.