Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thoughts from an apparently insane man

There is but one sound economic theory. That theory states you must save for a rainy day and only spend what you have. Credit is bad. Saying anything different is akin to an accountant telling you to "create overhead" to lower taxes. Think about that. Spend a grand, and if you are in the 25% tax bracket you save $250 on your taxes. Hmm, sounds like you lost $750, unless the expenditure could have made you money...

Washington DC is the only place I know of where being public with the fact that you were paid off makes it legal. ABC Company gave the local politician $3 million in campaign funding. It's all good because we told you about it.

There are over 4000 Federal Laws according to the Independence Institute. This doesn't include Tax Code, State Law or Agency mandates (OSHA, DOE, ATFE, EPA, Etc). There must have been blood in the streets 75 years ago when there were half as many. But we are law abiding citizens.. I think...

We need more regulation of the Finance industry so they don't take advantage of "main street" anymore. Because the laws against everything else have COMPLETELY stopped all other crime, and antitrust doesn't already exist.

Prior to the 1970's, the US government was the biggest buyer of .22 rifle shells. They sent them to public schools for their marksmanship programs. Hmmmm...

The removal of guns from the citizens of Australia has done absolutely nothing to the crime rate of that country. Gun or otherwise.

I hit a deer tonight on the way home. I live out in the Middle of the sticks where the hoot owls screw the chickens for something to do, and I hit the thing in the middle of Ankeny (midsized Iowa town). All I remember thinking is "Man, he is hauling ass. Nice Rack" Then BANG. I hit him with the family car. I was actually thinking "Nice Rack" at the point of impact. What's wrong with me?

I'll get revenge in a few weeks when the season opens.... Until next time

A New Beginning. Real Common Sense!

A New Beginning. Real Common Sense!
What are our Governmental priorities? Really, what are they, and why? Why do we seem to be predisposed to support Israel? Why do Americans care about the Middle East in general? Other than oil, they have nothing to offer us. The Muslim people are no real threat to us if we enforce our laws and borders. Really, they aren't.

Before you start talking about oil you should realize that the world market is so intertwined there is no way the Middle East can afford to not sell to America.

Come on Neocons, let me have it. Strategic base locations, humanitarianism, stopping terrorism. Keep on listing them. Since I am a betting man, I will wager that if America was to back politely out of the Middle East, Korea, and the EU, the radical Muslims and freaky Commies would probably have no reason or desire to harm Americans. Peaceniks unite on this one.

That just came from a Second amendment quoting, Airborne, chest pounding war monger!

Lefties, don't believe I am on your side either. Your feel good-isms have devastated us. My understanding is you should be a tax paying CITIZEN in order to benefit from tax dollars. Seems to me that marriage is a religious (no matter what faith) institution between a man and a woman. Until you can logically legitimize either of those two issues, I consider you blooming idiots without a clue. AND... Hard working people deserve the fruits of their labor. Something about Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness comes to mind. Hawks unite on our border, and Pastors unite at the Pulpit!

Welcome to the new Political Common Sense. Watch for new postings regularly!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Brothers

I thought about this post all day. I woke up this morning, and thanked my wife(a fellow vet), and then went silent all day. It happened to be a day off work, so today was clothes shopping day for the boys. It was on our way to town that it hit me. I was reading all of my facebook "friend's" thank yous to America's veterans.

It dawned on me at that moment. Most of these folks are truly sincere in their thanks. Some are going through the motions, and a few simply don't want to look bad. These are all valid reasons, right or wrong, for thanking a vet.

Then, I realized that none of my under 30 "friends" had taken the time to remember the absolute horror of what has happened to allow them to do the same thing as I did today. I mean NONE of them. One of these people is actually doing the facebook "thankful to Thanksgiving" thing. In case you didn't know, there is a thing on facebook where you list something new to be thankful for each day from November first until Thanksgiving. This person was thankful for a prime time television show today.

Is it any wonder we have what we have in Washington?

OK, I apologize. I don't mean to use this event to attack anyone. I just have to speak my mind when it strikes me. Besides, we let them be indoctrinated.

Today's post is truly about my Brothers. Please know that I am thinking about each of you today and always. Those of you that paid the price, those still serving, and each of you making a life after service. It is you; each and every one of you, that makes it possible for us live the way we do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You ARE America.

Grandpa, my dearest Wife, uncle Dave, Johnny B, all the D Co. boys, Sean V, Rev Blanchard, etc.... The list goes on and on. You have taught me much about life, love, and brotherhood. For that I owe you as well as for your service. Thanks