Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Can't Help Myself!

Sorry, Sorry, I apologize. I can't help it. As to my previous post, I said I wouldn't talk about specifics and I wouldn't look up facts. This happens to be a NEW POST!

Smoke and mirrors again, my friends. Look up Glenn Beck's program today! I happened to do my own research to corroborate his words. While we were concerned about 165 million in bonuses, our tax dollars went to Goldman Saks from AIG in the amount of $13,0000000000. Yes, with a B! And to Merrill Lynch at 7,000,000,000. Again with a B! Oh yeah, Bank of America got 5,5000,000,000. B again!

We also paid 13B to the UK, 17B to Germany, 19B to France, and 5B to Switzerland. All from AIG. Are they a scapegoat? Prove me wrong. Vote for an Obamanation or a Shrub again. Pull your collective heads out of your Posterior and VOTE FOR WHAT IS RIGHT, AND NOT WHAT'S POPULAR!


  1. Boy oh boy! The payments to AIG and their cohorts are a pretty big return on the measly 200,000.00+ that Senator Dodd and Obama received during the campaigne. I just have two issues to comment on briefly. The first of course is the money that our government is giving away in the name of helping our country recover. I very much agree that it is smoke and mirrors, but to do it so obviously and think that we don't get it is insane. I think Obama is the most dangerous enemy this country has ever seen. He is so bold, along with his gang, that he must feel invincible. If he cannot hear the roar yet, he will, because I believe that he is waking a sleeping giant that he has no clue about. And that is my second point. This country has been sold a bill of goods that to some, was obviouisly a load of crap. How a slick talker like this could stand and promise all of the things he did and covince the people that it would all come to pass is beyond me. I have said it before and cannot stop saying it, there have to be some people that are intelligent enough to see where we are headed, admit they screwed up at the polls because they were mad at Bush, and now be willing to stand up and demand that this insane goal of spending us into prosperity stop. I just will not work. While he is handing you goodies with one hand his other one is reaching for your wallet.

  2. Excellent writing, my friend. I'm just sad that so few people seem to have seen the Train of Consequences coming when they cast their ballot for Lord Darth Messiah.
    OH well.
    and, I almost forgot-