Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Politics and Social Views: Octomom

I have been watching the whole Octomom thing quite a bit on the news. It seems as though the whole world is against this woman, and it is probably justified. Folks are outraged that their tax dollars are supporting this kind of irresponsibility. What I don't see in the news however, is anywhere near the same rage against the Government spending the same tax dollars in far more inappropriate ways. Quite frankly, I believe this woman should have her kids taken into foster care, and she be committed. At the same time, I'd rather my hard earned dollars buy diapers than ING Bank.

Today the House is proposing we spend another 410 BILLION and increase spending by 8% across the board.

And... We are going to send 900 MILLION to Gaza for rebuilding.

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  1. 900 Million for the rebuilding of Gaza. THEY ARE GONNA BLOW IT UP AGAIN NEXT YEAR. What business ie it of America to be doing this? Does anyone else think that if we would just STAY OUT OF OTHER PEOPLES BUSINESS, maybe, just maybe, we would alleviate some terrorist threats???

    Once again, Mr. Carlin gets a plug here. He had a point a couple episodes ago when he stated that there are other Capitalist Representative Governments that don't have to worry about terrorists because they simply don't get involved!