Thursday, February 26, 2009

Politics: Guns: WTF

The Pres and his AG are promising to make good on another election promise. Reinstatement of the Clinton Gun Ban is on the agenda. This should be a VERY HIGH PRIORITY. We all know that gun crime has absolutely skyrocketed since he took office. You can't hardly leave your house!

There isn't anything else going on in the United States that might warrant any attention. The Dow hasn't lost a quarter of its value in two months or anything silly like that. We aren't fighting two wars and facing a complete hostile financial takeover by the Chinese. There aren't thousands of homes still in rubble from natural disasters, and drought victims to worry about in the south. The Russians aren't helping the Iranians make nukes, and the North Koreans aren't pointing ICBMs at our west coast.

Let's erode the freedoms of the people who follow the law.

I have a HUGE rant,.. I mean post coming on this subject. I have been reading a about it, on both sides of the arguement, and once my opinion is sufficiently formed (as if you can't tell where I stand now) I will get it up.

Until then, keep your powder dry and your eyes open.

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