Monday, February 23, 2009

politics: It's been a whole month!

Here we are, in the middle of a complete economic travesty, and we can't help but give away the farm. The president is giving away our childrens futures, and the American sheeple stand by with their hands out. Shame on us as a society.


  1. I saw something on the tube last evening that puts this whole spending debacle in perspective. If you spent a million dollars a DAY for the last two thousand years ($730,000,000,000), it still would not equal what congress has appropriated and spent with TARP I & II. Unbelievable.

    And when you see Chucky Schummer stating that the American people really don't care about these little pork projects (exact quote), you just want to scream. We are in big trouble.

  2. Dan Carlin (Fantastic Podcaster) has some great stats in his last episode regarding the spending we are doing. The current "stimulus" is going to cost more than WWI, Korea, Vietnam, The New Deal, and the Marshall plan combined! That is using numbers adjusted for inflation.

    You can find Dan and both of his podcasts here:

  3. I propose that each time someone says "they aren't giving me anything" or "I need to get in line for some of that" we immediately tell them what a stupid ass they are, and let them know that the attitude they are displaying when they say those things IS A LARG PART OF THE PROBLEM.