Friday, January 1, 2010

2010! Happy new year

Everyone, I mean everyone that reads here is wished a VERY happy, prosperous, and enlightened new year! It is my hope that I will have a lot to say here this year. I intend to blast the left and right equally and prodigiously. We all know that neither "side" has the betterment of America in its sights. It's all about power, and not our country and society.
I received an e-mail about the "Cloward-Piven" government today. I believe much of this theory is being practiced by the current administration. I also however, believe the last administration was complicit in this action. How else can the homeland security act and the TARP bailout be explained?
I am a believer that Clinton, ( yes, I choke on the name) was the last American President. I also believe he was a fluke. Either he was the least obvious "plan" president, or he was a mistake following the previous shrub.
We all know that Progressivism doesn't work (Rome), Socialism, Fascism, and Communism don't work (USSR, Germany, Italy, France, etc....). The way I see things, reality is what what we see and face. Realism works. It will be the theme here for the next year.

I intend to attack the following issues as well as whatever else becomes the flavor of the day in terms of what is REALITY:

Health Care
the "Green" thing
Economic takeover
Social sleepiness

I know, any of these could take a year to sort out. But, in reality, we have to look at them all NOW.

Until next time, keep your head high, your eyes open, and your powder dry! Here's to 2010!

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