Thursday, November 12, 2009

A New Beginning. Real Common Sense!

A New Beginning. Real Common Sense!
What are our Governmental priorities? Really, what are they, and why? Why do we seem to be predisposed to support Israel? Why do Americans care about the Middle East in general? Other than oil, they have nothing to offer us. The Muslim people are no real threat to us if we enforce our laws and borders. Really, they aren't.

Before you start talking about oil you should realize that the world market is so intertwined there is no way the Middle East can afford to not sell to America.

Come on Neocons, let me have it. Strategic base locations, humanitarianism, stopping terrorism. Keep on listing them. Since I am a betting man, I will wager that if America was to back politely out of the Middle East, Korea, and the EU, the radical Muslims and freaky Commies would probably have no reason or desire to harm Americans. Peaceniks unite on this one.

That just came from a Second amendment quoting, Airborne, chest pounding war monger!

Lefties, don't believe I am on your side either. Your feel good-isms have devastated us. My understanding is you should be a tax paying CITIZEN in order to benefit from tax dollars. Seems to me that marriage is a religious (no matter what faith) institution between a man and a woman. Until you can logically legitimize either of those two issues, I consider you blooming idiots without a clue. AND... Hard working people deserve the fruits of their labor. Something about Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness comes to mind. Hawks unite on our border, and Pastors unite at the Pulpit!

Welcome to the new Political Common Sense. Watch for new postings regularly!


  1. Well, the predisposition of support to Israel goes way beyond oil or peace in the Middle East. We (The United States of America) have on more than on one occasion, supported the oppressed. As you are well aware, 6 million Jews were slaughtered in WWII because they were deemed inferior and a threat to the "superior race". No doubt relgion was a significant reason for their annihilation. Hence is exactly why I think you are completely off base and quite literally, could be dead wrong, relative to Muslim's, in general.

    You are correct in that they have nothing to offer; the goal is compliance and dominance.

    While we can both speak in broad generalities, the fact remains that "political correctness" has resulted in the Founding Father's worst fears.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I found it well thought out and reasonable. We Will have to agree to disagree on the threat that is the Muslim religion. I don't believe we should discount their end goal, simply don't take quite such a neoconservative stance on the subject. My thoughts are more isolationist, although that word can carry bad connotation as well. As far as Israel goes, I believe they have proven themselves able to protect their nation, and as the power of that area, could provide peace through preparedness if not saddled with American diplomacy.

    Please continue to read and comment. I enjoy the dialog, and opposing views are healthy for the brain.